about julington
baptist church

Who We Are

The Church with a Mission,
a Message, and a Meaning

the mission:

Seeking the salvation of the lost and care for the found

the message:

For God so loved the world

the meaning:

love is action

our history

In 1872 a family of migrating freed slaves arrived from Edisto, South Carolina, to Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. They settled in the area known as “Loretta,” Florida.

Because of the jubilance experienced by those whom God had allowed to see their freedom, this group didn’t stop until there was a church established in which they could continue their thanksgiving and praise.

With Reverend Green as their first Pastor they founded a church and named it after the creek that flowed nearby, “Julington.” Although this church is often by some referred to as “Julington Creek,” the creek was never a part of the name.

Providentially it would be a church where many members and spiritual leaders would receive their beginning and training in church leadership. To research the history of this church would reveal a surprising who’s who in church tradition for Jacksonville, Florida.

Pastor's monthly message

June 2024 - All In A Day

Each month, we are blessed with a precious opportunity to joyfully prioritize a noble cause that may otherwise be overlooked. Establishing a well-structured calendar to manage the vital aspects of our lives is not just a duty, but a source of joy.

Pastor McClain

As we approach the vacation months, let’s keep in mind that parks and recreation centers will be bustling with families and children. It’s crucial for us all to be vigilant of the potential risks and take necessary precautions to ensure our safety. Also, it’s of utmost importance to honor God’s position and understand that any mishap could lead us to seek His mercy. So, let’s be proactive in our approach and ensure that we and our loved ones stay safe while relishing the summer season.

I have a saying that I created for those who have regrets about missed opportunities. A nourishing intake of God’s Word always leads to a rewarding sense of confidence that can overshadow many otherwise debilitating experiences. Undoubtedly, every human being faces challenges in life. For believers, the things that seem most difficult today are the worst they will ever endure. Don’t take comfort in the struggles of the unsaved, who will also face difficult times, but never as bad as they are going to be.

I am humbly expressing my sincerest wishes that you and your loved ones will find joy in each day, no matter the weather. As believers, we recognize that everything is a gift from the Creator, and it is our privilege to embrace the treasure that awaits us by following His guidance. 

Today marks a new beginning, full of past experiences and future hopes, and I am hopeful that you will seize the opportunities presented to you and claim all the blessings that God has made available. With faith, victory is already within reach, and I urge you to be proactive and give glory to Him.

“All in a day” can sound inspirational in its own way. It implies that one can achieve great things within a short span of time. It reminds us that every day is a new opportunity to accomplish our goals and make a positive impact in the world.

God Speed.