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Bible College-Winter Classes 2024


Course:           JPF 301          January 28 – March 31 , 2024

Title:                The Book of II Samuel (offered on campus only)

Instructor:      Rev. James McKenzie

Date: January 28 – March 31, 2024

Time: 2- 4pm

Exclusions: Every 2nd Sunday

Course Description:

The book of Second Samuel, one of the most precious of the Bible’s books, covers a span of only forty years, but these years are important ones, being the central years of the one hundred and twenty years of “The United Kingdom.” Three well known kings, Saul, David, and Solomon reigned over all Israel during these one hundred and twenty years, each of them reigning for forty years. Second Samuel covers the second of these successive forty-year reigns, the reign of David, “the sweet Psalmist of Israel.”



Course Title: JBN 304 – A Study in the Book of Ephesians (offered on campus and online)

Instructor: Deacon Richard Stewart and Sister Violetra Ward

Date: January 28-March 31, 2024

Time: 2-4pm

Exclusions: Every 2nd Sunday

Course Description:

The Epistle to the Ephesians is a call to worship, walk, and work in the truth. It is the tenth book of the New Testament. In a few short pages Paul uncovers the mystery of salvation including references of the end times. The reader is challenged both carnally and spiritually. Paul peels the layers of

interpretation by speaking frankly about issues that everyone was familiar with and then exposing the typological (allegory), tropological (moral), and

anagogical (mystical) truths.

The book speaks to every level of Bible student. Its depths reveal the powerful gift that the Apostle Paul was given. It speaks to the ministry of the man that

Jesus empowered to write over half of the New Testament. Ephesians Commentary by -NJM


Registration for classes will begin January 7, 2024. If you desire to register or need additional information about class descriptions, materials, and online registration, please contact Sis. Marsher Boyd; her office is in the Administrative Suite.


We look forward to seeing you in class!