JDETS Troop 100


Jesus’ Cadets is a youth organization developed to provide children, with Christian-based programs focused on Social, Mental, Moral, Physical, and Spiritual Health. The major focus of the organization is to develop the virtues of personal Confidence, Courage, and Compassion and provide opportunities early in the lives of young people to develop the disciplines of Leadership, Respect, and Obedience through a variety of outdoor, educational, career-oriented activities.



J-DETS International will be the premier world-wide youth organization educating, training and mentoring youth utilizing Christian principals to take leadership roles in society. Jesus’ Cadets  International, Inc. will provide world class services to children and families. We will provide superior services at levels that allow Jesus’ Cadets International, Inc. to obtain leadership through client focus, cost efficiency, and speed to value. And we are committed to ensuring continuity of service for the benefit of children and families, our employees and the organization.


Key Objectives

Jesus’ Cadets International, Inc. long-term objectives are:

  • To develop tomorrow’s leaders within the targeted communities it serves.
  • To expand the organization conservatively and offer services with excellence to children and families.
  • To serve over 3000 children and their families through a network of 40 charter locations supported by local charters using J-DETS Intl. staff and volunteers.

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