NJM scholarship foundation

The N. Jerome McClain, Sr. Scholarship Foundation was established to financially assist deserving students in furthering their education.

The mission of this foundation is to encourage and award scholarships in support of tuition, books, and tutoring to students as they matriculate through schools of higher learning.

The purpose for which the foundation was organized and the general nature of the business to be transacted is to solicit, receive and hold funding through gifts, donations, bequests, and grants for the purpose of providing qualified applicants with the funds needed to pursue under and graduate education.


A. To be eligible to receive NJMSF funds, all applicants MUST present a Certificate of Completion from Pastor McClain’s New Members class.

B. Applicant may be a student presently enrolled in an accredited college or university who is in good academic standing and progressing at an acceptable level.

C. Applicant may be enrolled for training in a technical school and must be in good academic standing or may be returning to school after an absence to retain job skills or obtain a degree. Any post-secondary student at any educational level is acceptable, including Christian schools.

D. Application must be accompanied by one (1) current and signed letter of recommendation and letter of acceptance on school letterhead. At the end of each semester, applicants must forward a copy of their most recent grades transcript, bearing the school’s raised seal.

E. Application must be accompanied with a typed personal letter or essay, explaining why you are applying for a scholarship. This letter or essay shall be no more than one 8.5 x 11 page. It shall include the reasons you’re applying for a scholarship and any additional information, about yourself, not currently on the application form, that you wish to share with the committee.

F. NJMSF Recipients must show a letter of acceptance and copy of class schedule from the institution of higher learning (i.e., University, College, Christian, Technical or Trade School) prior to receiving scholarship funds. Funds are mailed directly to the institution when the student begins the school term.

G. NJMSF recipients must contact Sis. Rejeanne Rennie Moe by June 1st every year, to communicate whether they will be seeking scholarship funds the following year. This must be accompanied by the recipient’s school letter and/or confirmed class schedule for the upcoming term. Minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to receive funds. 



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