Our Pastor

our pastor

At one time Julington was referred to as the church where up and
coming Pastors received their first opportunity in ministry. This trend of having a Pastor for a few years only to lose him to a larger church ended under Pastor McClain. Under the Hand of Christ, His servant has lead Julington from the “creek,” to a sea of spiritual souls immersed in the teachings, worship, praise, and love of God.

Pastor N. Jerome McClain, Sr. and his family joined Julington in July, 1980. Pastor McClain has continued to guide Julington through the maze of growth from a two Sunday fellowship to the present Multicultural/Multiethnic Church with a proto-typical administration of church leaders, teachers, and ministers reaching across many barriers sowing the seed of the Word of Christ. Julington moved from 13061 Old St Augustine Rd. to the present location during the winter of 1986. Many have come to Julington with the intentions of visiting only to find themselves many years later yet enjoying the blessing of worship as functional members.