Cokey Powell, PhD, LP

“What an impressive Leadership Seminar! Pastor McClain provided an environment conducive for learning how to enhance our leadership skills. He clearly articulated the various leadership styles by providing relatable examples applicable in everyday life experiences as leaders in the church, in our professional and personal lives. This was so valuable for me – I learned so much about myself that I can use in my personal and professional life: • An effective leader leads by example • Inspect what you expect. • Breakout sessions provide scenarios applying the nine principles of effective leadership. • Role play by Sister Bre and Deacon Moe on how leaders delegate duties to staff.”


Maritza James, Youth Director

“I was hesitant at first to attend due to timing restraints. However, I’m satisfied that I attended. I received tons of good, sustainable information that can be applied in several aspects of leadership.”


Joyce Mack, Trustee Director

“I thought the Leadership Conference was really great and enjoyed the real-life scenarios that applied to the church.”

Angela Crosby, New Member

“This was my very first time attending the 2023 Leadership conference and I truly enjoyed the experience and it was a success. The way it was organized & well put together was Awesome. Rochelle, and everyone that assisted represented Julington Baptist leadership conference making it a success. Looking forward to next year’s conference.”

Tony Belle, Pastor Genesis Missionary Baptist Church

“Excellent conference, very friendly and attentive congregation. Valuable, progressive, transforming information.”

Motilal “Mike” Singh, Affirmed Evangelist and Deacon, Parkwood Church

“Blessings! Extremely informational. Would enrich and promote my skills in Leadership. Well Done Rochelle. Great Job, Pastor McClain”.

JBC leaders and others who attended are encouraged to apply the principles and practices they have learned.

JBC leaders and others who attended are encouraged to apply the principles and practices they have learned.